‘Yellowjackets’ star Sophie Nélisse thinks Florence + the Machine’s “Just a Girl” cover is “amazing”

Yellowjackets S2
Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Florence + the Machine‘s rendition of No Doubt‘s “Just a Girl” is more than just a cover.

The new version of the ska punk classic was recorded for the upcoming second season of the Showtime series Yellowjackets. Just as the cover brings together a song from the ’90s with a modern artist, Yellowjackets jumps between the ’90s and the present day as it tells the story of a group of teenagers involved in a plane crash, and how the experience continues to affect them as adults.

Cast member Sophie Nélisse, who plays the teenage version of the character Shauna Shipman, tells ABC Audio that she was “so excited” to hear Florence’s “Just a Girl” cover.

“I think our entire cast is such a fan of Florence + the Machine, so am I,” Nélisse says. “I’ve been listening to her music for years.”

Nélisse adds that she feels Florence’s interpretation is “amazing” and “so spot on.”

“It brought the vulnerability, but also the intensity and the rawness of the show,” she says. “I think it’s just the perfect theme song.”

By the way, Florence Welch and company weren’t the only ones to put their spin on “Just a Girl” for Yellowjackets.

“We did also this little cover where we sing on it,” Nélisse shares, referencing a video where the cast lip syncs the song. “I was a little shy.”

Yellowjackets season two premieres Friday, March 24.

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