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Yellowcard returns to ‘Ocean Avenue’ on “surreal,” “magical” reunion tour

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Yellowcard‘s current tour not only marks their first since breaking up in 2017, it also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the band’s breakout 2003 album, Ocean Avenue. Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Ryan Key can only use words like “surreal,” “overwhelming” and “magical” to describe the tour.

“In some cities, we’re playing venues that are five times bigger than where we would have played in 2015 or ’16 or whatever, and selling out the shows,” Key says.

“There is just this real feeling of connectivity between us and the crowd, kind of like never before,” he continues. “These are, by so far, the biggest shows we’ve ever played. Even at the height of Ocean Avenue‘s success … this is the biggest tour we’ve ever done in our career.”

Ocean Avenue, which spawned the hit title track, officially turns 20 Saturday, July 22. Among Key’s enduring memories from making the album is collaborating and becoming friends with producer Neil Avron.

“At that time [Avron] was so instrumental in teaching us more about songwriting and helping us find our strengths and hone our craft at such a young age,” Key shares. “Really, at that time, a sixth member of the band, he became that.”

On the Ocean Avenue anniversary, Yellowcard will be playing a hometown show in Jacksonville, Florida, the size of which made Key and company “kinda terrified” to play.

“I think the most special thing about the show is just that we’re playing a hometown show on the birthday of the album that changed our lives forever, and is the reason why we get to be playing that show in that amphitheater in the first place,” Key says.

Yellowcard’s also released a new EP, Childhood Eyes, which is out now.

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