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Weezer jams “Buddy Holly” live with fan following viral TikTok campaign

2023 Railbird Music Festival
Erika Goldring/WireImage

A Weezer fan who started a viral TikTok campaign finally got to jam with Rivers Cuomo and company live.

Since 2020, Evan Marsalli has been uploading daily videos on his TikTok of him playing a guitar riff from the Weezer classic “Buddy Holly” — specifically, that one bit right after the post-bridge solo leading into the song’s final chorus.

The goal of the campaign was always to get Cuomo to play the riff alongside Marsalli, which he did in a TikTok in February. During Weezer’s show in Madison, Wisconsin, on June 14, the collaboration transitioned from the internet to live in person when Marsalli joined the band onstage for a performance of “Buddy Holly.”

You can check out footage of the moment via Weezer’s Twitter.

Weezer is currently touring on their Indie Rock Roadtrip tour alongside bands including Modest Mouse, Spoon and White Reaper. The outing stretches into September.

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