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“Tom was right”: Tom DeLonge reacts to UFO House hearing

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On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee held a hearing during which three witnesses testified regarding their experience with, and an alleged U.S. government program regarding, unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. As you might expect, UFO enthusiast Tom DeLonge had some thoughts.

In an Instagram post accompanied by an image declaring “Tom was right,” the Blink-182 guitarist writes, “The UFO Hearings today made history.”

“I am so proud of the three witnesses today that blew the lid off the UFO secrecy that has been intact for decades,” DeLonge continues.

He adds that the three witnesses — former intelligence community official David Grusch, and former Navy pilots David Fravor and Ryan Graves — are “heroes.”

“I appreciated the shout-out during the hearing,” DeLonge writes. “But so many were involved with [To the Stars] to make this happen.”

To the Stars, of course, is DeLonge’s UFO research program, which he founded in 2017 amid his hiatus from Blink.

Beyond following government UFO hearings, DeLonge has been back working with Blink-182, which he rejoined in 2022. The trio wrapped a U.S. reunion tour earlier in July and is working on a new album.

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