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Tom DeLonge selling “Tom Was Right” T-shirts following UFO hearings

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Tom DeLonge has some new merchandise to celebrate the recent U.S. government hearing on UFOs.

The Blink-182 guitarist is now selling T-shirts declaring “Tom Is Right” via his To the Stars company. The shirts also proclaim, “Aliens F****** Exist,” which is also a reference to the Enema of the State song “Aliens Exist.” as well.

You can order yours now via

The hearing, which was held July 26 by the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee, included three witnesses testifying about their experience with an alleged U.S. government program regarding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). 

“The UFO Hearings today made history,” DeLonge said at the time. “I am so proud of the three witnesses today that blew the lid off the UFO secrecy that has been intact for decades.”

DeLonge, of course, has long been a UFO enthusiast, which led to him starting To the Stars amid his hiatus from Blink. He rejoined the band in 2022 following his 2015 departure.

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