Tom DeLonge reacts to The Weeknd calling “I Miss You” the “greatest song ever written”

M Blink 041023
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The Weeknd may be blinded by the lights, but he’s apparently all about the shadow in the background of the morgue.

In an early morning Easter Sunday tweet, the R&B star shared that he thinks “I Miss You” is the “greatest song ever written,” which caught the attention of Tom DeLonge.

“This is a really insanely kind thing to say, especially coming from such a talented artist like yourself,” the returning Blink-182 guitarist wrote alongside a retweet of The Weeknd. “Thank you dearly, I’m just happy you like it.”

The Blink account also responded to The Weeknd with “Hello there…,” Mark Hoppus‘ opening lyric from “I Miss You.”

However, some commenters are pointing out that The Weeknd didn’t specify which “I Miss You” he thought was the “greatest song ever written” — after all, artists such as Incubus, Miley Cyrus and Adele have also released songs by that title.

If, like DeLonge, we assume The Weeknd is talking about Blink-182’s “I Miss You,” there may be some competition for that “greatest song ever written title.” In a tweet last fall, DeLonge called Blink’s upcoming reunion album “the best album of our career.”

DeLonge got back together with Blink-182 last year after leaving the group in 2015. In addition to the upcoming album, the reunited trio is launching a world tour in May. The outing was originally scheduled to begin in March, but was delayed due to Travis Barker undergoing surgery on his finger.

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