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The Revivalists pour out “raw,” “vulnerable” emotions on new ’Pour It Out Into the Night’

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On Friday, The Revivalists will release their new album, Pour It Out Into the Night. The record features the lead single “Kid,” which the “Wish I Knew You” outfit feels indicates the “caliber” of the record.

“It’s the band performing at our best level together with really well thought-out arrangements and production decisions,” guitarist Zack Feinberg tells ABC Audio.

That attention also applies to the album’s lyrics, which Feinberg describes as being “very real to us.”

“We go deep with some personal stuff on the material,” Feinberg says, to which frontman David Shaw adds, “There’s some raw stuff on there, for sure.”

“And there’s some fun tracks, too,” Feinberg continues. Shaw laughs, “Quintessential Revivalists album, baby!”

Pour It Out Into the Night arrives five years after the last Revivalists album, Take Good Care, dropped in 2018. During that time, a lot happened to the band members personally, not to mention the whole worldwide pandemic thing.

It was in the midst of said pandemic that Shaw often found himself writing or singing in his studio late at night and into the early morning.

“I’d wake up at, like, 3 a.m., I’d be up for three hours, kinda be in that interesting twilight area,” Shaw shares. “And certain things would kinda just pop out.”

Thus the title Pour It Out Into the Night, which Feinberg also thinks reflects a “recurring motif in our lyrics, which is this sort of unburdening.”

“Kind of how you are as a person,” Feinberg tells Shaw. “Which is to go forth and be vulnerable, and get it off your chest.”

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