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Take this (tiramisu) to your grave: Fall Out Boy reflects on 20th anniversary of debut album

Fueled By Ramen

Fall Out Boy‘s 2003 debut album, Take This to Your Grave, celebrated its 20th anniversary over the weekend. While now a pop-punk and emo classic, vocalist Patrick Stump recalls how the band “barely made” the record.

“It wasn’t an album, it was two sets of demos that we had recorded,” Stump tells ABC Audio. “Then [the record label] Fueled By Ramen gave us some money to finish it off, you know, ‘Go record seven more songs.'”

Given its haphazard origins, Take This to Your Grave feels even older than 20 to Stump.

“[The song] ‘Dead on Arrival,’ I think we went in and recorded that, like, almost a year before we finished the record,” Stump explains. “So, like, it’s almost in a weird way 21 years ago.”

“It’s been a long time, which is crazy to think,” he adds. “Like, that child could drink now.”

That time in Stump’s life was also defined by being “so broke.” He remembers having a “weird friend” who once showed up at a party with a tiramisu, which Stump, to borrow the album title, planned to take to his grave.

“I was living off that for, like, a week and a half, because I just had no money,” he laughs. “It was, like, that era.”

Fall Out Boy released their latest album, So Much (for) Stardust, in March. They’ll launch a U.S. tour behind the record in June.

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