Sugar, we’re growin up: Fall Out Boy channels “adult anger” into new ’So Much (for) Stardust’ album

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ABC/Randy Holmes

Fall Out Boy explores a new side of angst on the band’s new album, So Much (for) Stardust.

Speaking with ABC Audio, vocalist Patrick Stump shares that So Much (for) Stardust includes “the most adult anger we’ve had on record.”

“When you’re a kid, you direct everything away from yourself,” Stump says. “You’re, like, ‘Don’t tell me what to do, Dad!’ … It’s all somebody else’s mistake and somebody else’s responsibility. But then when you’re an adult, all you have is responsibility.”

“You turn on the TV and it’s just a wall of bad news,” the singer continues. “A tsunami of terrible — maybe even a literal tsunami, and you have no choice but to, like, also make dinner and also pay the bills. I feel like that’s something that is throughout the record.”

In addition to newfound lyrical territory and themes, So Much (for) Stardust has brought Fall Out Boy another first. Lead single “Love from the Other Side” is the group’s first #1 single on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart, and even broke the record for the longest gap between an artist’s debut appearance on the ranking and their first #1: 17 years and nine months.

“I just thought it was funny we just did it in the most Fall Out Boy way ever,” laughs bassist Pete Wentz. “Seventeen years is the funniest, most Fall Out Boy way to make that journey.”

“Better late than never!” Stump asserts. “It’s incredible, it’s amazing to even be a band this far into it, let alone having a #1.”

So Much (for) Stardust is out now.

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