Marty Riemer

Marty Riemer is a veteran broadcaster, music lover, podcaster and video producer who finds it very difficult to write about himself in the third-person. And yet, here he is:  Hi, it’s me, Marty writing this!

Now back to the 3rd person, because it makes everything sound so much more impressive.

Marty is that rare broadcaster who has spent all of his career – thirty plus years – in one market, a great market, Seattle USA. And lest you think, 30 years?!  Must be stuck in a rut. One person’s rut is another’s groove.  OK, yeah, maybe a bit of a rut, but Seattle is lovely.

Having started in radio at the ripe age of 13 (KGRG – Auburn, WA), honing his music skills as the #1 wedding DJ in Bonney Lake and Enumclaw, WA, and while acquiring a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, Marty went on to host shows at some of Seattle’s most renowned radio properties: KCMU (the precursor to KEXP), KZOK, KJR, KXRX, and KMTT – The Mountain.

And while one toe always seems dipped in the broadcast world, he’s also gone on to establish himself in a variety of other media arenas.  He established one of the first daily, live-music and entertainment podcasts in Seattle. And through his production company, Twisted Scholar, he’s developed a vast array of award-winning videos and films.  For many years he hosted a wonderfully popular, eponymous annual live comedy festival – “The Marty Riemer Funny Festival” – and still counts comics like Jim Gaffigan among his good friends.  Jim may not, but Marty does.  And that’s what you call a special friendship.

Through it all he has maintained a genuine love for radio and the opportunity to introduce listeners to cool music that makes every day on the air as enjoyable as the first.

But on the radio he nearly always speaks in 1st person. No he doesn’t!  Yes, I do.  Weirdo.