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Pierce the Veil feels “insanely thankful” for first #1 radio hit: “It’s the cherry on top”

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Pierce the Veil‘s single “Emergency Contact” is the band’s first-ever #1 radio hit, having reached the top spot on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart. As bassist Jaime Preciado tells ABC Audio, not only were he and his bandmates surprised to see “Emergency Contact” ascend the airplay rankings, they were surprised their band was getting any radio airplay at all.

“We’ve always accepted the fact that we weren’t going to be a radio band, that was just kinda the mindset,” Preciado says. “We were too heavy, or were too fast, or whatever the reasons.”

“Radio’s pretty particular in what they wanna play and stuff, so we just kinda assumed that we would never just do that, that would never just be our thing,” he continues. “And lo and behold, they enjoyed this song.”

Even as “Emergency Contact” was climbing the charts, the PtV members were still confused as to how it was happening.

“Radio’s such a hard thing to grasp, ’cause we’re out there, we’re playing shows, we see it in a different way than the radio sees it,” Preciado says. “The radio’s like, ‘Oh, you’re moving up!’ And we’re like, ‘We didn’t really do anything extra special this week, we’re just doing what we have to do.'”

As mysterious as the whole thing was, Preciado has nothing but gratitude.

“It is awesome, man, I can’t say it enough how insanely thankful we are,” Preciado says. “I attribute it to our fans growing up with us, being at our shows.”

“We’ve been doing this for a really long time, and this is, I think, just one of those extra special things,” he adds. “It’s the cherry on top that we get to celebrate.”

“Emergency Contact” appears on Pierce the Veil’s new album, The Jaws of Life, out now.

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