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Perfect fit-uation: Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo endorses short men’s clothing brand

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Perhaps we now know why Rivers Cuomo was singing about destroying his sweater all those years back.

The Weezer frontman appears in a new ad for Ash & Erie, a company that specializes in clothing for men on the shorter side, specifically 5-foot-8 and under.

In the ad, which was posted to the Ash & Erie TikTok, Cuomo bemoans being the shortest member of Weezer — as evidenced by “the cover of any album that has the four of us standing in a line” — and shares that shopping for clothes throughout his life has been “frustrating” because of his height.

“I try stuff on, it just doesn’t fit,” Cuomo explains. “Then I show up to the gig, and everybody else in my band looks totally sharp, and I’m, like, all frumpy.”

That’s all changed, Cuomo says, thanks Ash & Erie clothes, which he’s been wearing on Weezer’s summer Indie Rock Roadtrip tour.

“I was always the guy who didn’t care about clothes, because I’d just given up,” Cuomo shares. “Now they fit, they look alright, so who knows? I might become, like, Mr. Fashion.”

You can catch Cuomo/Mr. Fashion live with Weezer on the Indie Rock Roadtrip, which picks back up in August.

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