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Original Pavement drummer Gary Young dead at 70

Photo of PAVEMENT and Stephen MALKMUS and Gary YOUNG and Scott KANNBERG and Mark IBOLD
Gary Young with Pavement in 1992; David Corio/Redferns

Original Pavement drummer Gary Young has died at age 70.

The news was confirmed in a Facebook post by the “Cut Your Hair” outfit, who writes that Young “put Pavement on the map.”

“Without Gary, many people would not have noticed us,” the post reads. “In all of the best ways, he was a freak show. He was magnetic. He was magical. He was dangerous. We could think of him as an uncle, an older brother that none of us had.”

Young played on Pavement’s early singles and EPs as well as on their 1992 debut album, Slanted and Enchanted, before parting ways with the band in 1993. He briefly reunited with the group onstage for several songs during shows in 2010.

“Love you Gary,” Pavement writes. “We’re sure you’re doing handstands off of roofs, biting high hat cymbals, fake drowning at the bottom of your pool and dodging rocks glasses and police-fired bullets aimed at your head.”

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