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On new single “Raw Raw,” K.Flay’s “buzzing” about this lyric

M Kflay 042623

On K.Flay‘s new single, “Raw Raw,” she sings, “Chainsaw buzzing at my throat,” which may remind longtime fans of the “Blood in the Cut” lyric, “I need the buzz of a sub.” As for why she brought “buzz” back in a song seven years later, K.Flay tells ABC Audio, “I have absolutely no idea.”

“That was completely inadvertent and unintentional,” K.Flay, born Kristine Flaherty, says.

In pondering why she might be buzzing about the word “buzz” in her lyrics, Flaherty muses, “All I can say is ‘buzz’ is a great word to say, and it has many connotations.”

“It evokes quite a bit when you say the word ‘buzz,'” she says. “And perhaps I am drawn to that.”

With “Raw Raw,” Flaherty specifically wanted to evoke “this idea of having kind of, like, menacing imagery about a very gentle thing.”

“Which is to say, like, opening your heart to another person,” she shares. “It feels intense, and in a weird way it kind of feels life or death, even though it’s certainly not. I guess it’s emotionally life or death.”

“Raw Raw” is the current single off K.Flay’s upcoming album, MONO, due out September 15.

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