Noel Gallagher’s new High Flying Birds track earns backhanded compliment from Liam Gallagher

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Noel Gallagher‘s latest High Flying Birds track earned a compliment from his estranged brother and former Oasis bandmate, Liam Gallagher, albeit a backhanded one.

After the song, which is called “Dead to the World,” premiered Thursday, Liam tweeted, “How can such a mean spirited little man write such a beautiful song.”

Liam’s tweet follows his latest comments on the ongoing Gallagher brother saga, in which he said that “the little fella aka potato” — his preferred nickname for Noel — “has done a lot of damage to Oasis as a band/brand.”

Prior to that, Noel gave an interview with France Inter in which he basically dared Liam to “get his people to call my people.”

“But you know what? He won’t call,” Noel said.

“Dead to the World,” meanwhile, will appear on the upcoming High Flying Birds album Council Skies, due out June 2. That same day, Noel and company will kick off a U.S. tour with Garbage and Metric.

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