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Melvins drummer Dale Crover undergoing emergency spinal surgery

The Melvins Perform At The Garage Glasgow
Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns

Melvins drummer Dale Crover is set to undergo emergency spinal surgery.

In a statement posted to Instagram on Wednesday, August 23, the band writes, “We are sad to announce that literally days before leaving on tour, our drummer Dale Crover learned he needed immediate emergency spinal surgery which will take him out of commission for months.”

“He’s doing as well as can be expected considering the severity of the situation,” the post continues.

Melvins will still go through with their upcoming Twins of Evil Tour with Boris, which kicks off Thursday, August 24, in Los Angeles. Coady Willis, who previously played drums in Melvins from 2006-2015, will fill in for Crover.

“We ask everyone’s solidarity during this dark time,” Melvins write. “Obviously, our primary concern right now is Dale’s health, and we’re doing everything possible on our end to make sure he gets what he needs to make a full recovery.”

Crover’s been a member of Melvins since 1984. He was also in bands with Kurt Cobain and played on Nirvana‘s 1988 demo recording.

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