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Keanu Reeves reunites with Dogstar band at music festival

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Keanu Reeves returned to the stage Saturday, reuniting with his band, Dogstar, for the group’s first public performance in over 20 years.

“Great to be back on stage! What a fantastic day we had. Thank you so much BottleRock,” the band wrote in an Instagram post Sunday.

Reeves and bandmates Bret Domrose and Rob Mailhouse played on the second day of BottleRock Napa Valley, a three-day music festival held in Northern California’s famed wine region, with Reeves on bass, Mailhouse on drums, and Domrose playing guitar and singing.

Mailhouse also shared on Instagram a behind-the-scenes video clip of the team setting up the drum kit before the band’s performance. 

Dogstar announced its comeback last summer. Since then, the band has been busy writing new songs, according to posts on their social media pages, and plans on releasing a new album, titled Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees. Its second album, Happy Ending, was released in 2000. Since then, the band has “reformed and taken a great creative leap forward, establishing an entirely new path,” according to a profile shared on BottleRock’s website

Reeves told Billboard in May that he had missed his Dogstar days. “I missed playing together, I missed writing together, I missed doing shows together. It’s something I’ve always missed,” the John Wick star said. “We came to a spot where we weren’t playing anymore, and I missed it … Once we started to play, and it felt good, and really positive and creative, that’s when it was like, ‘Okay, let’s make this happen.’”

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