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K.Flay shares personal connection to song recorded for new Netflix film ‘Nimona’: “I shed a few tears”

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K.Flay‘s new song “T-Rex” is very meaningful to her, in multiple ways.

For one, the “Blood in the Cut” artist recorded it for the new animated Netflix movie Nimona, which premieres Friday, June 30.

“It’s a beautiful, it’s an awesome movie. It’s so good!” K.Flay, born Kristine Flaherty, tells ABC Audio. “It’s so well done, I can’t recommend it enough. I’m, like, so proud to be part of it.”

The other reason is that “T-Rex” was the first song Flaherty listened to after suddenly going deaf in her right ear in 2022. Using her own song for that significant step was, as she quips, “not because I’m an egomaniac,” but rather out of professional responsibility.

“I had written this song prior to the ear,” Flaherty explains. “Then they were like, ‘Hey, we have to finish the movie, do you approve this mix?’ And I kept putting it off, I was like, ‘I don’t wanna listen to this.'”

When Flaherty eventually did give “T-Rex” a listen, it was a “very emotional” experience.

“I shed a few tears, and was like, ‘OK! I guess I’m doing this again,'” she says. “It opened the floodgates.”

K.Flay will release a new album called MONO, a reference to her hearing loss, on September 15. It includes the single “Raw Raw.”

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