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Jimmy Eat World approaching set list “a little bit differently” on co-headlining tour with Manchester Orchestra

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Courtesy Live Nation

Jimmy Eat World is returning to the road, this time on a co-headlining tour with Manchester Orchestra.

“The way we look at this tour is we’re gonna be playing in front of our fans and we’re also gonna be playing in front of Manchester Orchestra’s fans,” drummer Zach Lind tells ABC Audio. “So we wanna appeal to both groups.”

To that end, “The Middle” outfit is focused on building a set list that will be a “good pairing with Manchester Orchestra’s music.”

“Still be ourselves, but, like, taking that as a prompt to lean into doing some things a little bit differently than we might have done it before,” Lind explains. “So the set list looks a little different for this tour with them than it has in a while.”

During the tour, the two bands will be trading off who gets to close each show, which Lind says will provide a different experience from night to night.

“I think we’re planning on having two different sets,” Lind shares. “The set we have when we close is gonna [be] different than the set we have when we’re two of three.”

Jimmy Eat World’s tour with Manchester Orchestra launches Tuesday, July 11, in Missoula, Montana.

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