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Infinity on Cry: Fall Out Boy selling tear-infused vinyl

M Falloutboy 041923
ABC/Randy Holmes

Fall Out Boy is taking emo to the next level.

The “Dance, Dance” outfit has announced Crynyl, a vinyl record infused by real tears cried by the band members.

“Music is more than just sound waves,” declares the Crynyl website. “It’s passion, struggle, and emotion. That’s why we developed a new kind of record: one that contains the artists’ actual tears. When you listen to a Crynyl release, you’re not just listening to what the artist played, you’re feeling what they felt.”

Fifty copies of Fall Out Boy’s new album, So Much (for) Stardust, were turned into Crynyl records, which have already sold out. Stay tuned to for more info.

So Much (for) Stardust, the eighth Fall Out Boy album, dropped in March. It includes the lead single “Love from the Other Side.”

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