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Hayley Williams takes aim at “internet bros” criticizing Paramore for postponing shows

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ABC/Randy Holmes

If you’re about to criticize Hayley Williams for being too sick to play Paramore shows, you probably shouldn’t do that.

As previously reported, Paramore pushed back four dates on their ongoing U.S. tour due to illness affecting an unnamed member of the band’s touring party. Williams later revealed that she was the one feeling under the weather, noting that she’d been through a “week of misery.”

Williams also reflected on how touring affects her differently now that she’s in her 30s versus when she was a teenager, which seemed to rankle a certain portion of the internet. One person commented that bands such as Metallica and Iron Maiden still tour while being much older than Paramore, to which Williams replied, “Neither James [Hetfield] nor Bruce [Dickinson] are gonna suck your d*** for this, love.”

Williams posted that response to her Instagram Story, along with a clapback at a different commenter who added some misogynistic language while bringing up how Dave Grohl finished a concert after breaking his leg.

“I have a lung infection you soft s***!” Williams wrote. “Not a broken limb. One you can sing with for 2 hours, another you can’t … Maybe you should come out to [a show] … like Dave did.”

In a separate statement, Williams writes, “Internet bros have been pressed by my proximity o rock music and all its subgenres since 2005. The only thing that’s changed is the platform from which they spew their ignorance.”

“Don’t think for a second your fav bands — metal or punk or otherwise — endorse your weird incel a** lifestyle,” Williams continues. “So many of these bands have stood side stage at our shows and treat us with respect. Why? [Because] they aren’t threatened by a strong woman front a great band in a completely diff genre of music.”

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