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Hayley Williams doesn’t “cough all day and night anymore” after lung infection

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ABC/Randy Holmes

Hayley Williams is turning a corner after dealing with a lung infection that cut Paramore‘s U.S. tour short.

In a post to the band’s Discord channel, Williams writes, “I can hardly believe I don’t cough all day and night anymore.”

“My stomach is still f***** from 10 kinds of medication,” she adds. “I’m just happy to be resting more.”

Amid her sickness, Williams says she watched a lot of movies and TV, and has, as she puts it, “become, once again, chronically online.”

“For me, it always starts out sweet,” Williams writes. “I love to see photos or random anecdotes from people who’ve come out to our shows … I love the stupid inside jokes and even the sticky parasocial connection. And when I am not para-lurking, I am watching dog videos or watching people I don’t know organize their s***.”

“But I also see lots of news, especially from back home,” she continues. “It’s literally always sad or rage-inducing. Never positive. Depressing.”

Paramore is set to return to the live stage in October for a performance during The New Yorker Festival in New York City, followed by a trip to Australia and New Zealand in November.

“Now that the bulk of our touring for the year is over, I’m hoping to dive head first into creating some better routines,” Williams writes. “[Drummer] Zac [Farro] and [guitarist] Taylor [York] and I also just want to get back to making things. We’ve been craving that for a while now.”

Paramore released their latest album, This Is Why, in February.

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