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HAIM will “go toe to toe with whoever, whatever band” doubting their musical ability

Haim Perform At Olympia Theatre, Dublin
Kieran Frost/Redferns

HAIM is ready to battle with anyone who has doubts about the band’s musical chops.

You may recall that the sister trio called out an Instagram comment accusing them of fake playing their music during their Governors Ball set in June, declaring, “Don’t ever say we don’t play our f****** instruments.”

Speaking with NME about the comment, Danielle Haim shares, “It’s just really disappointing because that’s the thing we worked so f****** hard for our whole lives.”

“We have been a band for 16 years but we have also been a band since we were children,” says Alana Haim. “We were in a band with our parents and have been playing since we were kids, so to then be a band for 16 years and and still have to prove ourselves … it never ends.”

Alana adds, “To be so proud of the work that we’ve done and then to see mostly men I mean, pretty much all men comment things that are not only just terrible about our looks but then on top of that, that we don’t f****** play our instruments is insanity.”

Meanwhile, Este Haim issues a challenge to any non-believers.

“It’s one thing to talk about the way we look, we don’t care, whatever. But the way we play?” Este says. “I will go toe to toe with whoever, whatever band wants to go toe to toe with me. I know how to play.”

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