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Finger Eleven looks back on “20 years of dudes doing what they loved” with ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation

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Finger Eleven may not be paralyzed, but they do seem to be struck by having their own Greatest Hits compilation.

“Man, it’s mind-blowing,” frontman Scott Anderson tells ABC Audio of the collection. “It’s great.”

“The goal has always just been just stay a band — what’s better than this?” he laughs. “And now we can say, ‘Wow, we have a collection of songs that have done really well for us.'”

Finger Eleven’s Greatest Hits features 12 tracks, headlined by the 2007 smash “Paralyzer.” You’ll also find a new song called “Together Right,” which marks the first fresh offering from Finger Eleven in eight years.

“The band feels strong about [‘Together Right’] and it has been resonating with some people, so I feel good about that,” Anderson says. “I think fans of the harder elements of our music will be happy.”

“I think it can stand amongst the best of what Finger Eleven has to offer,” he adds. “So I think it deserves a place on the Greatest Hits, and I’m glad it’s there.”

Whether you’re a longtime Finger Eleven fan looking forward to new music or someone who may only know “Paralyzer,” Anderson feels that Greatest Hits has something for you.

“I hope you hear 20 years of dudes doing what they loved,” Anderson says. “I hope you enjoy it, I hope you get something out of it.”

Finger Eleven’s Greatest Hits is out now.

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