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Finger Eleven frontman teases future new material: “As far as a full album goes, I really hope it’s next year”

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In addition to past singles such as “Paralyzer” and “One Thing,” Finger Eleven‘s Greatest Hits compilation features the band’s first new song in eight years, “Together Right.” While it’s taken the Canadian rockers nearly a decade to put out fresh material, frontman Scott Anderson tells ABC Audio they’re “always working on new ideas.”

“I know we haven’t released much in awhile,” Anderson laughs. “But that doesn’t mean we haven’t stopped working on ideas.”

“There’s more to come,” he teases. “We just polished [‘Together Right’] up and said, ‘OK, look, it’s time. What’s the fastest way we can get some new music out to some people, and let’s try to do that.'”

A lot has changed since Finger Eleven’s last album, Five Crooked Lines, dropped in 2015, both globally and personally for the band members. Anderson is now a father of a toddler and, perhaps even more pertinent to his approach to songwriting, has long passed being an “angsty teenager.”

“I try not to be too negative, or if I’m negative I try to find some kind of humorous take on it, or try to make it interesting somehow,” he explains. “But I just can’t complain the way I used to as an angsty teen.”

As for the progress of further new Finger Eleven tunes, Anderson shares that the band has “a bunch of songs that just need a little bit more attention, and … a lot of songs that need more than that.”

“So my hope is, depending on how busy we get, you’re gonna hear some new music sooner rather than later,” he says. “But as far as a full album goes, I really hope it’s next year.”

Finger Eleven’s Greatest Hits is out now. The band launches a U.S. tour in September.

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