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Finger Eleven announces ’Greatest Hits’ compilation, featuring first new song since 2015

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Finger Eleven is releasing a Greatest Hits compilation.

The 13-track collection, due out June 16, features the Canadian rockers’ signature song “Paralyzer,” as well as the top-20 Billboard Hot 100 hit “One Thing,” and the rock radio singles “Falling On” and “Living in a Dream.”

Additionally, you’ll find a previously unreleased cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Welcome to the Machine,” as well as a brand new song titled “Together Right,” which marks the first fresh material from Finger Eleven since their 2015 album, Five Crooked Lines.

“‘Together Right’ is about unity,” says frontman Scott Anderson. “It’s about the bonds between people and how far that bond can extend before it’s broken. The song has an optimistic-sounding chorus but it’s really a desperate plea from one party to another asking please stick around, let’s go down with this ship together.”

You can listen to “Together Right” now via digital outlets.

Here’s the Greatest Hits track list:

“Good Times”
“Together Right”
“Living in a Dream”
“I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague”
“One Thing”
“First Time”
“Falling On”
“Slow Chemical”
“Drag You Down”
“Welcome to the Machine”

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