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Ex-boyfriend of Rhian Teasdale claims songwriting credit on Wet Leg songs

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An ex-boyfriend of Wet Leg‘s Rhian Teasdale says he’s not being properly credited for co-writing two of the band’s songs.

Doug Richards tells the U.K.’s The Times that he and Teasdale dated off and on before forming Wet Leg together alongside Hester Chambers. Richards claims that before he and Teasdale broke up for a final time, thus leading to his departure from the band, he co-wrote the songs “Oh No” and “Too Late Now,” which appear on the “Chaise Longue” outfit’s 2022 self-titled debut album.

“I feel frightened to try and approach that subject,” Richards says. “But I did write [on those songs] and they are on the record. So I probably should get recognized.”

Richards also claims that Wet Leg songs including “Wet Dream” and “Ur Mum” are about him. While he thinks a song like “Wet Dream” becoming so huge that it was covered by Harry Styles is “pretty funny,” he doesn’t feel that way about “Ur Mum,” in which Teasdale sings, “When I think about what you’ve become/ I feel sorry for your mum.”

“I can’t think of anything more targeted to hurt me than that line,” Richards says, explaining that his mother died in 2013.

Richards adds that watching Wet Leg blow up over the last couple years has been “completely surreal,” adding that it’s been “tricky to feel happy” for Teasdale.

“I keep thinking, ‘Why does it have to be the No 1 album?'” he says. “Could it not just be No 4 or something?”

Wet Leg did not respond to The Times‘ request for comment and has not commented publicly on Richards’ claims.

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