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Spotlighting Every Child A Super Reader with Pam Allyn

The first day of school jitters are here, impacting both parents and kids as the young minds return to in-person school in the weeks ahead. Co-author of Every Child A Super Reader: 7 Strengths for a Lifetime of Independence, Purpose, and Joy, Pam Allyn is a global literacy expert, educator, award-winning author, and innovator. She says “Families have a tremendous opportunity to create a warm and supportive culture that encourages students to take learning risks and to see themselves as having a valued voice in the home and in the world, confidence grows with perceived opportunities for success. The more kids feel that they are up for the challenge, the more confidence they will display.” In the book, Allyn provides five confidence-building questions parents should regularly ask, which sends the clear message to their children that their opinions matter.