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Spotlighting Caring is Art With Leilani Norman

Artist and former caregiver Leilani Norman offers a gift of thanks to dementia caregivers everywhere through this journal. She writes, “The daily experience of caring for my mother ranged from fulfillment to heartbreak. When I learned to let go of who my parents used to be, I was able to attend to her evolving needs and to love her deeply, just as she was that day. The most difficult times, emotionally, were when my mother asked me to help her in ways that I could not.”

Caring is Art is a journal that offers words of encouragement, quotes from fellow caregivers, useful resources, and self-care prompts, all accompanied by beautiful imagery. Published by sisters Leilani and Olga Norman, this guided journal features original paintings, photography and illustration. It can be used as a personal journal, a notebook for important information, a reference log, a doodle pad, or anything in between. Caring is Art makes a lovely gift for caregivers from family and friends

A portion of profits from sales benefits non-profit organizations that provide support to caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

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