Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Spotlighting American Heart Association

February is Heart Health month so we had a conversation with Mariko Harper, MD who is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, nuclear cardiology and echocardiography. She practices at Virginia Mason Heart Institute. Along with The Go Red For Women Ambassadors Andrea Engfer a stroke survivor. Just Six days after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, 34-year-old Andrea suffered a stroke. The cause? High blood pressure during pregnancy. Recovery has been a challenging journey as Andrea has had to re-learn how to walk, read and write. After spending over 43 hours in the hospital and many weeks in rehab, she celebrated by running her first 5K post stroke in October 2020 and Shree Saini, with congenital heart disease and heart block is the reigning Miss World America Washington is also a heart disease survivor and advocate. She was born with a complete heart block, which causes irregular heartbeats, and had surgery at just age 12 to implant a pacemaker in her chest. Shree has volunteered at over 100 non-profits and leverages her platform to advocate for many causes, including heart health. She has been invited to speak about her service work in over 100 cities, 30 states and 8 countries where she shares her story to raise awareness of heart health and provides messages of encouragement and gratitude.