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Disturbed’s David Draiman is down with Phoebe Bridgers’ “Sickness” entrance music, but not with Tinder

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ABC/Randy Holmes; Lisa Lake/Getty Images

In addition to being “Down with the Sickness,” Disturbed‘s David Draiman is down with Phoebe Bridgers‘ choice in entrance music.

While supporting her 2020 solo album Punisher, the boygenius member would use “Down with the Sickness” as her soundtrack to taking the stage before the show started. That tradition continued when she played her first show opening for Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour Friday, and footage of the moment reached Draiman.

“@phoebe_bridgers this is absolutely amazing!” Draiman tweeted alongside a rock-on emoji. “Love it! You’re welcome to come see our show whenever you want!”

While Draiman is down with Bridgers being “Down with the Sickness,” one thing he’s not down with is Tinder. Draiman had apparently started using the dating app recently, only to announce that he’d deleted it after just a few days.

After a photo of Draiman’s Tinder profile went viral on Twitter, Draiman confirmed to a fan that the screenshot is indeed legit.

“It’s hard for a guy like me to meet the right woman,” Draiman said. “I’ll tell you, it’s been weird so far. Lots of scammers. Trying to figure out how to navigate this new terrain.”

That navigation process barely lasted the weekend — on Monday, Draiman shared that he’d axed the app, calling it an “absolute s***show.”

“Scammers, grifters, fakes and phonies abound,” he wrote. “What a colossal f****** nightmare. Deleted it. Dear lord.”

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