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Corey Taylor’s “made my peace” with Machine Gun Kelly feud: “I’m sure we can both respect each other”

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It appears it may be time to close the book on the Machine Gun Kelly/Corey Taylor feud.

The war of words between the “Bloody Valentine” rocker and the Slipknot frontman went public in 2021, when MGK dissed the masked metallers as “old weird dudes” during his set at Chicago’s Riot Fest. The seemingly unprovoked remark was later revealed to have stemmed from a failed collaboration between Kelly and Taylor, as well as comments Taylor made on a podcast about an unnamed artist who “failed in one genre and decided to go rock.”

Things went up a notch during rock festivals that Kelly later played, during which Slipknot fans booed him.

In his 2022 documentary Life in Pink, Kelly expressed regret over what happened with Taylor, saying that he “could’ve handled it differently.”

Speaking with The Allison Hagendorf Show, Taylor shares that he heard Kelly’s comments and is similarly ready to put the feud behind them.

“He and I are very similar in certain ways,” Taylor says. “Shock and awe, big mouth singers, we are big mouth singers … I know from my past mistakes that sometimes the words get out and I wish I could grab ’em.”

While acknowledging that he and Kelly “will probably never be friends,” Taylor says, “I’m sure we can both respect each other for what we do and what we’ve done, and just move on.”

“It never needs to keep going,” Taylor says. “Once you’ve said your piece, that’s it. A lot of times it’s the fans that carry it on, especially in this day and age with social media and everything.”

“It happened, it was a moment, and I’ve made my peace with it,” the Knot singer continues. “I’m assuming he did, as well, and there’s that.”

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