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Britney Spears picks Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” to soundtrack pole-dancing video

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Jason Squires/FilmMagic

Between getting sampled in Lil Nas X‘s breakout hit and being covered by Miley Cyrus for Black Mirror, Nine Inch Nails has had some unexpected crossover with the pop world in recent years, but this latest intersection may take the cake.

Britney Spears has shared an Instagram video of her pole-dancing while NIN’s “Closer” plays in the background. In the caption, Spears writes, “Got this pole two days ago and last night was my first time on it!!!”

We’ll see if frontman Trent Reznor ends up commenting on Spears’ soundtrack choice like he did when he revealed which Dua Lipa song made him cry.

Spears, by the way, has a song called “Hold Me Closer,” though it’s not related to the NIN hit at all. Instead, it’s a collaboration with Elton John that reworks his songs “Tiny Dancer,” “The One” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

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